Daily Devotions

Wednesday, March 03, 2021
Exodus 14, Luke 17, Job 32, 2 Corinthians 2

In Job 32, Elihu begins to speak. He had sat with the Job and his friends during this time and when everyone else stopped talking, he was ready to speak. More than ready, he burned with anger.

Four times it says that he burned with anger. He burned with anger, he burned with anger at Job, he burned with anger at Job's friends, when he saw they had no answer left, he burned with anger. It is important to note that this anger seems to come from a righteous place. Job declared himself righteous over and against God, the friends, by not answering, were signaling that Job had won this argument and was correct, even though they had said he was wrong.

Elihu's speeches are different than the other friends. First, he is given four speeches, rather than three. Second, the tone of the speeches is markedly different. Elihu does not embrace the idea that all suffering is the result of past sin, but rather that God always acts justly, does not need to answer to us (against Job's demand in the previous chapter) and that suffering is a tool God uses for our benefit.

The answers of Elihu, the young man who, despite his anger, will go on to speak with an apologetic style very different to the self importance seen in the rest of the book so far, are centered on God's goodness, mercy, and righteousness.

When we are angry, let it be in defense of God's honor and righteousness.

Righteous God, help us to remember every day the righteous way you rule. Amen.