Serve God at the Lighthouse

We believe that everyone God has brought into fellowship has God given talents, passions, and gifts for the service of the church. We hope you are motivated to serve alongside us at The Lighthouse and we want to make it easy for anyone to serve as God leads them. Our elders also take seriously their role as overseers of the ministry here, so we have a few steps for volunteers to go through as we serve together in unity.

  • Anyone can serve, each according to God's gifting and spiritual maturity - You don't need to be a member to serve on a ministry of the church and we hope each person will increase in the use of their gifts as they grow in maturity
  • We watch over the church - In watching over the church, we require background checks for anyone working with children's ministry and theological agreement with anyone who teaches
  • Only church members can be elected as ministry leaders - Every ministry of the church is done under the authority of the elders and under the direct leadership of a member of the church

If you are interested in serving, please talk to the Pastor or one of the elders and we can help you assess your spiritual gifts, your talents, and your passions and connect you with the ministries here.