Recent Events

Our women gathered to hear, about pray for, and support the ministry of an orphanage in Belize. We are committed to sharing our strength with God's Kingdom around the world; each year our women's ministry dedicates one of the events specifically to that purpose. We will continue to collect items for the orphanage into the spring.

Master Decoy Carver Bruce Dixon led us through the process of painting ice fishing decoys. We had a full room of local families who spent the morning painting and enjoyed a meal together. Even Pastor Andrew joined in the fun and painted a decoy, as seen here. These decoys are fully functional for ice fishing, but they also are pieces of art you can leave dry in your house.

We were happy to host the Back to Hack kids games! The weather was extra cold and windy so we came inside and enjoyed some hot chocolate and a bunch of games. Ring toss, bowling, and golf all had their indoor versions rather than the snow versions we had planned. It was fun to see all the families that came and we handed out plenty of prizes.

We had a great time ringing in the New Year with a bunch of people playing games together late into the night.  We love these types of get-togethers, where the love of Christ is made known in the ways that we lift each other up. It is a great opportunity for family friendly times where everyone is welcome.

Daily Devotional

Name Change

Saturday, January 16, 2021
God, who called the world into existence and who called Abram to follow him, reaches his hand into the history of the world and renames Abram to Abraham in Genesis 17. This isn't just a nickname from a coach or family member; God's naming power is a revealing of a new reality in the life of Abraham.