Recent Events

Fishing Outings

Through the summer we have a number of fishing outings where men get together for dinner, devotions and some time on the lake. This summer we were happy to visit Birch lake, Webb lake, and Pine Mountain lake. This is a great opportunity to share the impact of the gospel in a personal way as we meet people in the midst of their passions and activities.

Join us through the winter for other fishing and sportsman related activities.


With the fall weather heading our way it was a great time to get together and celebrate the summer we have had and the next months of ministry together. Sunset Bay Resort graciously offered to host us for waffles and a campfire by the lake. Everyone had a great time of eating together, playing some yard games and then settling down by the campfire to enjoy the evening together.

Women's Retreat

Our women's ministry has a busy schedule and as fall approaches we enjoy Camp Shamineau together. The women had a great time of enjoying the outdoors, hiking, horse rides, zip lines, and inspirational biblical teaching.

This retreat has slowly grown over the years and we are glad to be a part of it.

Worship in the Park

We had a great time of worshiping together in the Hackensack City Park. The weather was great and we enjoyed the time praising God, learning from God's Word, and fellowshiping together over and shared meal. This is a great opportunity to be active in our community and to enjoy a change of scenery in the summer