Recent Events

Sweetheart Days 2019

We were able to participate in the Sweetheart days events with a parade float and helping with the Dachshund Derby in the park after the parade. A collection of people came downtown to see the parade and support the town.

Each year the town puts on our local Sweetheart days event. On a Tuesday afternoon the people of Hackensack and the yearly tourists gather for a parade and time in the park, including the kids fishing contest in the morning and the dog races after the parade. The events include more than just Tuesday, with fireworks, fundraisers, and food all week long.

Fishing Contest Hot Dog Sponsorship

On TuesdayJune 25th, we served hotdogs at the fishing pier as part of the Hackensack Children's Fishing Contest. We are glad to be a part of this community event and seeing all the kids and their families gather together. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped.

Community events like this one give us the opportunity to show God's love for the area manifested in our love for the area. We are committed to seeing the Good News come to all people because we believe that everyone needs good news in their life.

Welcome to the Lighthouse

We are excited to be worshiping God together this summer. We are celebrating our fifteenth year of ministry in Hackensack and looking forward to many more years ahead.

There are a handful of events that we are putting on to celebrate. We had our anniversary Sunday on June 9th with many people from our history joining us again, including the former and interim pastors that have served here in the past. It was a great time of celebration and a pledge to the future of ministering together.