Sweetheart Days 2019

Parade Float

We were able to participate in the Sweetheart days events with a parade float and helping with the Dachshund Derby in the park after the parade. A collection of people came downtown to see the parade and support the town.

Each year the town puts on our local Sweetheart days event. On a Tuesday afternoon the people of Hackensack and the yearly tourists gather for a parade and time in the park, including the kids fishing contest in the morning and the dog races after the parade. The events include more than just Tuesday, with fireworks, fundraisers, and food all week long.

This is a great opportunity for us as a congregation to be involved in the community and have easy contact with the people around us. When we participate in these events we are doing it not primarily as an advertisement to the tourists, but as a way to care for this community, the people who make their living off of tourism, and the people spending their time and energy to get these events put together.