Women's Ministry Group Birthday Party

Thursday, June 20th, at 5:30 the women of The Lighthouse and invited guests will be joining together for a birthday celebration for every birthday of the year. These are great times of fellowship and encouragement and if you are a woman of our church we encourage you to come and join us.

Not only can you come, but we want this to be an outreach to those around us. Invite the women of your lake, your social groups, neighbors and friends in this time of celebration. These events are easy ways for people to get introduced to the relationships of the church before ever attending a worship service with us.

There will be the traditional trappings of birthday parties, including a gift exchange. If you are able to bring a gently used, wrapped gift from home we will have a great time together sharing and encouraging each other.

Thank you to Rochelle and everyone who helps organize and serve for these events.